June 1, 2023

Becoming a Prosthetic & Special effect Makeup Artist

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The world is competitive and if you want to be atop the race, choosing the right career vertical in the beauty industry line is crucial. The one which has taken the world by storm and one with potential is becoming a prosthetic/special effect makeup artist. This line allows one to be as creative and innovative in taking traditional makeup to a different level altogether.

The idea of getting enrolled in any one beauty school of repute offering such specialised makeup courses may sound fascinating; however, breaking into this field is not only challenging, but requires you to have the edge over others. If you have the right mix skills, talent and the passion to excel, this field if definitely worthwhile to pursue and rewarding alike.

Understanding the uniqueness of this line and that it is a niche in itself, there are but only a few institutes far and between that offers such makeup courses, which is why looking for one isn’t that tough. Really!

There are International makeup and hair schools offering specialised training in this vocation and if you think India is behind, you are in for a big surprise. In terms of special effect artists, India is one of the leading countries with gifted artists. Imagine having the ability to transform a beautiful face into a dramatic, alien or scary one, using prosthetic makeup and other effects needed for the show, film or theatre and moreover, leaving viewers with a strong visual presence that enhances experience and beckons appreciation does instil a feeling of pride and accomplishment for an artist.

For budding makeup artists, you can opt to kick start on your own by turning entrepreneur or you could be an apprentice to an established artist and work your way forward. If you are from a small town, we would suggest you move to a city bustling with opportunities in this field, such as Delhi or Mumbai in India, or New York in the United States. Doing so will open doors to get hands-on experience and hone your skills and confidence to pursue on your own and take that leap.

Makeup and Hair schools offering training, workshops, and certification can aid you advance in the beauty field, but without the passion, confidence and will for continuous learning, success could just be a few steps away. Also, talk to experts who can help you get closer to your goal and guide you appropriately.