September 25, 2023

Brave Puppy App – A Smart Dog Training Tool

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Obviously, you love and serious about taking care of your cute puppy. You always want your puppy to be friendlier with you and your family members, and also want the puppy to stay calm when you are out. To make your puppy friendly and calmer, you need to train it carefully. And, today it’s very easy to do that at home by yourself. However, you already familiar with different dog training method, but here the method I’m going to share it is totally different and unique. It’s about training your dog to stay calm overcoming the fear and phobias of different sounds.

It’s very usual that dogs react to different sounds, and sometimes they do some unexpected acts like barking, jumping up and down, or lounging on the leash. It can also happen to your loving dog. So, you need to train your dog using different sounds. You can use “Brave Puppy” – a smart and intelligent Smartphone application, carefully developed to train your dog step by step to overcome the fears of different sounds.

Here below have a look at the more details of this dog training tool.

Brave Puppy

It’s a completely new dog training premium application comes with 65 different sounds like a church bell in the city, circular saw, clockwork doorbell, starting the car engine, and much more. If you find your dog reacts to different sounds and get overexcited, then you can use Brave Puppy to help your dog overcome its fears.

The puppies between the ages of 3 to 16 weeks are at a so critical time where what they learn and expose will remember for the rest of their life. That’s why it’s necessary to make them socialized to as many different sounds, and situations as possible so they become confident, happy, and friendly dogs for the future.

This app Brave Puppy is successfully tested before releasing where the result is outstanding, and now it’s highly recommended to all the professional breeders or owners who have a puppy or a new rescue dog recently join their family.

Brave Puppy’s sounds list

It’s very easy to use this app. At the home window, you’ll find all the sounds in categorized such as animals, city, fireworks/explosion, garden, household, people, transport, and weather. At the same, every category contains different sounds. Here below I’ve listed the complete sounds list.

Animals: It contains the sounds of Canary trilling, Cat Purring, Cat enjoying its meal, Cows in a milking shed, Large dog barking, Loud chicken clucking, Parrot Squawking, Quiet chicken Clucking, Small dogs barking-country scene, and Very angry cat,

City: It contains the sounds of Bustling Cafe, Busy bus stop, Church bells in a city, Construction site, Crowd applause, Crowd during an event, Pedestrian crossing, Street Performer, and Street sounds.

Fireworks/Explosions: Fireworks display, Loud reverberating fireworks, Rapid fireworks, Shotgun – single shots, Shotgun – single shots#2, and Whistling fireworks.

Garden: Chainsaw starting, Circular saw, Cordless drill, Lawnmower moving back & forth, Plunge router, Plunge router, and Whipper snipper/Weed Whacker.

Household: Clockwork doorbell, Creepy music, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Electric hand blender, Electric doorbell, Grinding coffee, Hairdryer, Kitchen blender, Knocking on a wooden door, Pop music sequence, and Steaming milk.

People: Baby crying – slow build up, Children playing under a sprinkler, Man laughing, Preschool ambiance, School playground, Woman laughing, and Woman yodeling.

Transport: Ambulance siren, Fire engine siren, Helicopter, Jet engines starting, jet take off, Light aircraft flying overhead, Motorcycle – Harley style, Motorcycle – sports bike, Police siren, and Police siren #2.

Weather: Close thunder rain, Distant thunder with rain, Heavy rain on a patio, Howling winter wind, rain and hail, Rolling distant thunder, Very heavy rain in a car, and Whining wind.

Once you start using Brave Puppy to your dog, remember don’t use the sounds loudly, dogs can hear much better than us. Also, don’t train your dog for a long time, try a short time (5-10 minutes) regularly for the best result. Use the sounds slowly for a short time, and slowly increase the volume as your puppy progresses.. However, your dog will not react to all sounds. Some dogs are more sensitive to sounds than others depending on their temperament and previous experiences.

When you see your dog reacts to a sound and gets overexcited, reassure it to be calm, say “it’s okay”. You may also stroke slowly, slow strokes are more calming and reassuring for them. DO NOT say anything that makes it scarier for them like “oh you poor thing”. Your dog looks to you, so be a confident leader to help your dog.

Time to time, once you notice that your dog starts to calm down around the sound, reward them with their favorite treats, pats, praise, and play. So it can understand and start associating the noise with all things good.

One more thing to remember that to have fun always with your puppy. The more fun you have with this process the more fun your dog will have, and finally you’ll get a smart, happy, most friendly puppy around you.

Download Brave Puppy for Android