September 25, 2023

Dhaba by Claridges: Catch the Highway Dhaba Spirit within the City

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Different theme-based restaurants bring us the joy of sitting and dinning in a specific kind of environment without visiting the place. The place is designed keeping the local cultural and social behavior in mind. The popularity of these restaurants is based on how successfully they’ve been able to create the same environment. The moment people walk into a theme-based restaurant, they should be able to connect with the spirit of place.

Dhaba Claridges brings the essence of highway cuisine right to the city streets. Families who like the idea of driving to a highway and eating at a dhaba can enjoy the same environment and same food items in the city now. The restaurant has been designed against the backdrop of a highway dhaba.

Dhaba by Claridges takes you to a countryside road trip

Food tastes different depending on where you’re eating it. The dhaba food is loved and liked by everybody. It has a distinctive taste making it difficult to get it anywhere else. It is also the reason why people keep on hitting back the road and drive to a highway dhaba.

Dhaba Claridges offer us both: taste and environment. It offers everything you expect of a dhaba food. You would not feel the difference unless you start counting the number of miles traveled and realize that it cannot be possible to reach the highway so early, so quickly.

Satisfy the taste buds and enjoy the thrill of highway drive

The success of dhaba by Claridges is based on how easily and effortlessly it recreates the same impression of a dhaba. You cannot find a single thing missing from the last visit paid to the highway dhaba. The dishes taste the same and the preparation style is no different to the original one.

The best thing about a theme-based restaurant is that it makes you feel a part of the live action. It is not that you’re witnessing something told from the narrator’s point of view however you find yourself at the center of action. It is for sure that you would find one or the other thing in common. The hospitality industry is about making people feel good and comfortable. The moment they take the first bite, they know that there is something common between the two places. The ambience and culture reminds them of their last visit and memories associated with it.

Dhaba by Claridges help families to understand what it feels to be at a highway dhaba. Those who’ve not been to a highway dhaba would find it to be a unique and exciting ride.