September 25, 2023

Dhaba by Claridges: Spicing it up with fine ‘Dhaba’ dining

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What lies between fine-dining and juicy devouring out in the open? Yup! Our very own desi dhabas- those Spartan little hubs of divinity lining up the highways which time and again have accounted for inveterate binge breaks. But how about giving this rustic devouring a spin of the exotic?

Building on the ‘dhaba culture’ to blur the lines between ‘fine-dining’ and the rustic is a whole new simple yet divine dining concept which comes infused with local sensibilities to pull in both, the bon vivant and the casual food junkie. And while there’s no such thing as a free lunch, this urban culture takes you a step closer to ‘worth the dime’. 

Walk into the new world of ‘fine-dining dhabas’—the more alluring, if not gratifying, equivalent of the good old dhaba. And while a handful of outlets out there are still taking the plunge, few like the Dhaba by Claridgesin Delhi have already mastered what it takes to whet your appetite with delicacies cooked, served, and relished best the fine-dining-dhaba way.

Set up back in 1984, the joint is well-known for revisiting urban spreads with indigenous Dhaba Claridgestwists. And so, here goes: the good old ‘baingan bharta’ goes ‘Kanastari Baingan’, Chilli Chicken gets a spicy ‘Dhaba Chilli Chicken’ mutation, while kulfis and desserts grab their due share of the pie reflecting in food memes like ‘Dhaba Pista Kulfi’ sitting right up on the dessert menu.

When it comes to intrinsic ambience, the place comes alive when a whole array of rustic murals and servers dressed up in traditional garbs play perfect accompaniment to a whole set of condiments, many of which come across as newly-found. Throw in the classical, vibrant upholstery coming from exquisite woodwork, lanterns, and thatched ceilings, and you’ve perfected tradition and style. 

The new Saket outlet goes a step further in taking these Dhaba Claridgesflavors out to a wider set of palates looking for some quick meals on the go. Walk-in services at the joint put out a quick, lip-smacking line of snacks just when a fine evening binge begins calling on the palette.

The aura of the place bears out the core philosophy of its inception: let tradition guide the classical fine-dining experience. The fusion of traditional Indian delicacies with contemporary settings is a calling card which can make every food gourmet in town to feel a tug at the heartstrings.  

And while hunger pangs do crop up announced, make sure Dhaba by Claridgesis right up there on the go-to list whenever the foodie in you calls on your appetite next.