September 25, 2023

Eligibility checking process for FSSAI registration online

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FSSAI license or food license registration is required for those who are associated with the food sector. Food operators such as producers, marketers, transporters, storage, retailers, and suppliers have to get the licenses from the authority of the state or central.

What is the intro of FSSAI?

FSSAI is a certificate or a type of license made available for a food business. This license is necessary for any business related to operating the food in India as this license certifies that the food product that you make or sell satisfies the food standards as prescribed by the Government of India.

FSSAI is the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s administrative ministry. In this, a unique number of fourteen digits are available to the manufacturer or trader, which is necessary to print on the food package.

How to clarify the competency online for the certificate of FSSAI registration?

It is not necessary that you have to take a food license only, even by registering the food, work can also be done. For this, you should check your competency and learn how to get an FSSAI license.

You may need to register an FSSAI Registration online.

Registration: If your business annual turnover is up to twelve lakhs, then you have to register for FSSAI.

State License: If your business annual turnover varies from twelve lakh rupees to twenty crores, then you have to take an FSSAI state license.

Central License: Supposing your merchandise per annum gross total/sale is greater than twenty crores rupees, and then the owner of the business must have taken the FSSAI registration certificate for the Central level license.

For this, you need to check/clarify your competence, for that the steps are shown here:

Step 1: Visit FSSAI Portal 

From the starting the operator needs to checkout from the website of FSSAI. After clicking on the website, something like this will open a page which is the home page of FSSAI

Step 2: Click on Check the Eligibility

Now the applicant needs to scroll down the page which is open and click on ‘Check Eligibility’.

Step 3: Click on Yes or No-

After clicking ‘Check eligibility’, there will be a new circle. Click ‘Yes’ to click ‘No’.

Step 4: Choose No-

If you click on ‘No’, a new section will open in which you click on the production category according to your business.

Step 5: Proceed

According to your situation click on the best position and click ‘proceed’.

Step 6: Again a maiden tab will evidential in which the right side will come under ‘License category’ by writing food registration/state license/central license according to your business.

You can check competency and eligibility for FSSAI registration certificate online by adding details of more than one business.

License required documents for FSSAI Registration

We need different documents to get the certificate FSSAI registration online. Some common documents/records expected for FSSAI Registration and license. The list of some common documents is described:

  • Passport size photos
  • PAN card
  • Home proof
  • Photo proof of the owner of the food business
  • A comprehensive list of food items to handle and deal with FBOs
  • Article of Association / Incorporation Certificate / Partnership Deed, if applicable.
  • Food Security System Management Plan (not required for food registration)

Some of the FSSAI State License and other important documents:

  • The layout of the proposed location.
  • A catalog of appliance and entelechy founded in their place.
  • Copy of NOC and license from manufacturers.
  • An authorization letter with details of the responsible person’s name and address.

Some of the FSSAI Central License and other important documents:

  • Analysis of the Water Report from the Government Health Laboratory.
  • Import Export Code that is come forth from the board of directors General of overseas Trade.
  • Water Insecticide relic legwork for Units in the Construction of Mineral or Carbonated Water.
  • Milk provider name or milk source.
  • Meat Providers or Unit of Meat Processing.

If Eligible:

  • Certificate allotted by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Vehicle turnover proof.
  • Proof of annual business if necessary.

These are the steps to check out your competence for FSSAI registration certificate online.