September 25, 2023

Free Tools to Help You Manage Your Logo Project

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In the past, it was a challenge for anyone, especially if a junior designer, to personally implement the idea of designing a distinctive logo or logo for his company. Still, with the great technological development, many were able to save many expenses and do the best designs that help in advertising different companies, factories and projects through several sites. Simple and distinctive electronic, so this post has prepared you a set of these websites that are expected to help you provide logo design.

5 Free professional logo design tools

There are many platforms and services through which you can learn Photoshop and designs with the utmost professionalism to design your logo with your flavor and as you wish, including:


DesignEvo enables its users to obtain a logo design program with over 10,000 distinct design templates that are expected to help them accomplish their technical tasks with ease, as it is distinguished by being:

It allows you to select the template that you want from among the designs with ease.

Localized into 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Chinese.

Ease of handling the site.

The website displays many different fonts.

The ability to save the design and make any modifications.

The ability to amend the symbols, colors and fonts in several ways to suit the user.

Users could preview the logo effects after finished the logo.


It is the ideal alternative for anyone looking for the best online design or logo design site for free, as it was able to compete with many other sites on the Internet, as:

Anyone who wants to design all kinds of modern and modern designs and needs many capabilities can comfortably deal with this site.

Canva offers ready-made shapes and templates for users who want to design logos and the ability to integrate logos.

You can control logo colors.

Additional icons can be added for free.

You can write in many fonts, as well.

The ability to download the logo after completing the design phase for free and with one click.


If you want to design an instant logo for free online and you do not have much experience in the world of design, let this post offers you this application:

It contains thousands of icons provided for free.

The user does not need to have a special account on the site to interact with it.

Easy to use.

Provides ready-made logos and logos with good accuracy, but not completely.

It has many icons that you can freely choose from.

It can control different layers, which is similar to Photoshop.

There are no fees for downloading the logo.

You can learn design through some of the videos on the site.


Some people do not need powerful designs or have many effects, so I advise them to use this site, as it:

It has few capabilities, but it is very useful for creating a free logo design or looking for a free logo online.

You can download the logo completely after designing it, unlike some sites that do not enable you to download the full logo, or you need a fee to hear you download it.

This tool has numerous ready-made icons, logos and logos, which is a good start for anyone looking to design a logo for beginners.

You do not need to sign up to design on the site.

The platform is similar to Canva in its ease of use.

You can download the logo after completing the logo design process with high accuracy.


It is a logos design site and a large and distinctive platform, which has been prepared to equip a group of designs, which includes the design of logos, whether for beginners or professionals and is characterized by:

Providing a free service, but it is limited.

It offers many free or paid logo design services.

Provides a set of icons that fit into the logo designs.

The site offers a set of ready-made logos suitable for designs, such as educational, cooking, sports, etc.

Very user-friendly.

The possibility of modifying logos previously designed by the user.

Ability to change colors, text and background.

The user must register on the site to download the logo.


So, after you have learned these 5 tools and then, you will find how easy to design your own logo. Then, if you need to start your logo project, do not hesitate to try them.