September 25, 2023

Gift memories to celebrate Diwali in the most unique way!

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What comes to your mind when you think of Diwali?

It will unquestionably be celebrating Diwali with all your family and friends. Diya lit homes, crackers, and irresistible mouth-watering sweets; these memories are what make Diwali such a special occasion each year. Traditionally, in Hinduism, Diwali is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. Lord Rama returned to his birth land, Ayodhya defeating the king of Lanka-Ravana after completing his 14 years in exile. Not just Hindus, people of different faiths all around the world celebrate Diwali with great joy to commemorate the victory of good over evil.

The other significant part of Diwali is giving gifts and what’s better than celebrating Diwali with a gift that captures your beautiful memories and immortalises all your beautiful Diwali moments with your family and friends with a perfect Diwali gift. Instax instant cameras exactly do that for you. They let you cherish all your best memories with your family and friends. Diwali celebrations last for just a couple of days and all that stays along is beautiful memories. Instax offers various gift boxes that make unique gifts for Diwali. Here is the list of Instax gift boxes that you can give to make this Diwali memorable and special for your family and friends.

Mini 9 Gift Box

Relive your memories with your family and friends in the future with a bright smile on your face with a mini 9 Gift Box. Mini 9 gift box comes with Instax Mini 9 Camera + Instax Mini Film Pack + Instax Photo Bunting + Instax Photo Album + Batteries + Camera Strap + Warranty Card + Instruction Manual to perfectly knit them into flawless memories. The Mini 9 camera has great additional features such as the Selfie. This camera captures perfect selfie photos every time. The Mini 9 also features a Built-in LED Flash, a high key mode that delivers a brighter and soft picture for all the brighter Diwali moments. Its handy and cuddly design makes it just perfect to carry around and click pictures everywhere you go.

Mini 11 Gift Box

With a mini 11 gift box make moments that imprint permanently in our hearts and binds you forever with the most blissful memories. The mini 11 gift box contains Instax Mini 11 Camera + Instax Mini Film Pack 10×1 + Instax Photo Bunting + Instax Photo Album + Batteries + Camera Strap + Warranty Card + Instruction Manual. Mini 11 comes with automatic Exposure and Selfie Mode functions to capture your indelible memories instantly and the prints to keep the memories alive. The camera comes with the Selfie mode, ideal for selfies and close-ups to capture moments that bring family and friends closer. The camera can be found in Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White, and Lilac Purple colours.

Instax Liplay Elite Box- Through technology-driven accessibility to features, one can click hundreds of photos and save them in the digital memories of your phone. Interestingly, that has not faded the joy of taking pictures and getting them printed instantly as a keepsake for the best memories of your lives. Mini liplay is a perfect amalgamation of both analog and digital technology. This hybrid camera lets you choose your best moments to click perfectly and print them into perfect memories. It is simply a memory-making machine. This Diwali gift your loved ones, Instax Liplay Elite Box to make premium Diwali memories. The elite box contains mini liplay+photo albums +films + buntings to accompany the celebrations.