September 25, 2023

How Can We Use Paytm Stickers?

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You know this time is a digital world. Today most of transaction like shopping, travelling are done online by using different2 platforms like Paytm, phone Pe, Google pay and BHIM. All in these Paytm is playing great role for the online transaction. Now in these days everyone satisfied with Paytm app because it’s allowed users send and receive money on the immediate basis. Paytm also fascinating users for the ticket booking, paying electricity bills, shopping, gas bills and all. By using Paytm app, we can get lots reward points and coupon codes.

So now most of raising questions that if stickers are the rewards then how to use Paytm stickers?  Probably some people will know about Paytm stickers, here we will explain in brief about Paytm stickers and reward points. So make your patience and read this article till the end for better understanding about Paytm Stickers.

What exactly are Paytm Stickers?

Paytm stickers are stretchable unique code that are available in reward section in Paytm App.  To getting stickers you will have to complete some transaction like sending money to your friend, phone recharge, paying electricity bill. If you will do these activity on daily basis then you become eligible to get Paytm stickers. And these stickers stored in reward section automatically.

How to USE Paytm Stickers?

After getting Paytm stickers, one of the most raising question by users is How to use Paytm stickers? Here we provides complete details to use Paytm stickers. First of all scratch stickers and scan the QR code on the pack using your Paytm app. Available cashback on stickers will credit in your account or Paytm wallet within 24 hours.

Some basic steps to use Paytm stickers:

Here are some techniques to use your Paytm stickers.

  • Download the Paytm app first from google play store.
  • Login or registered with your updated number.
  • After login, you will see stickers on dashboard.
  • Click on Paytm stickers.
  • There will be scratch cards.
  • Scratch the stickers and you will get your available cashback.

How can you Get Paytm Stickers?

In simple way! If you really want to get lots of cashback rewards then you will need Paytm stickers first. So to get stickers you need to follow some basic instruction.

Paytm app > Tap the Sticker banner on the home tab. There will be tasks. Complete them. You will receive Paytm stickers. After you have received all stickers, you will get a Scratch Card.

After completing this just scratch it and you will eligible to get your cashback amount.

What Exactly Paytm?

Paytm is a fully technology base application that allows users to send money or receive money one person to another person. Paytm has lots of user usability functions like, UPI, Paytm Bank, Ticket Booking, Paying Electricity bills, Shopping and all. Paytm was founded in august 2010 by Vijay shekhar Sharma. The Registered office of Paytm is in Noida Uttar Pradesh. Now Paytm is available in 11 language and exploring more.

The main objective of Paytm is to make India cashless and digital. Now in India more than 80% people are using Paytm. So this is a great achievement for Paytm.

Hope you guys learnt better from this article.