September 23, 2023

How Can You Start Using Zypp E-Scooters?

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Nobody likes to stay in traffic or wait for a cab or use the crowded train to commute. Thanks to the zypp E-scooter, things have been made easier. You can get the

 E -scooter services just with the touch of a button. The e-bikes have smart IoT locks that make it easier to locate using the zypp app.

 Zypp is an electric custom made powered scooter that is self-driven. It’s a low-speed e-bike that goes up to speeds of 25mph. Using an E-scooter is not only affordable; its cost-effective, fun, and also flexible. In this article, we will base our focus on the process of how to start the zypp e-scooter usage.

The first step is to download the zypp app from either the IOS app store or the android play store

  • Onboard process

Get acquainted with the zypp website. Check out the features available and also the bikes near your location to find out which one’s more appealing.

  • Sign up

Sign up and attach a recent passport-sized photo of yourself, a driver’s license, national ID card, or any other documents like electric bills. Upon registration, you will receive an SMS code from zypp.

  • No  SMS code received

In case you don’t receive an SMS code, don’t worry, it might be due to server time out or poor network. Try requesting from a different location and ask for a new 0TP.

  • How to find zypp near me

Locating a zypp is easy. Open the app, which will, in turn, open the map with location markers of available zypp near you. If you’re unable to find a zypp nearer, expand the map location. If you’re still unable to find a zypp, raise the issue by sending an email with the exact spot to help in future expansion plans in that particular area.

  • How do I unlock a zypp

After locating a zypp, enter the intended destination, and a fare estimate will display with all the parking locations around that area. The next step is to unlock the zypp by manually entering the QR code or merely acquiring.

It’s always important to check the battery status on the bike to see whether it will be able to reach your destination. In case the battery is low, cancel the request and go for another one having a full battery and start your ride.

  • Where to take zypp

You can take your ride anywhere within the city. Make sure it’s the same journey distance as per your initial request. Always ride safely and responsibly on the designated bike lanes while following traffic rules.

  • Can I pause my ride

The zypp has a pause feature that allows riders to pause for short breaks e.g., stopping at a coffee shop, etc. The trip is reserve for you at a small extra fee of 50 paisa per minute.

  • How to end my ride

When you reach your destination, park the e-bike in the parking spot denoted in the map and click end ride on the app.

  • How to park and what are the parking norms

Always park the e-bike in the designated parking circles indicated in the map. Never park in private parking, compounds, or residence unless given the go-ahead by a zypp executive.

  • Why choose Zypp?

  • You don’t require a driving license to use one as its maximum speed is 25 kmph.
  • It has an affordable pricing plan with a variety of features.
  • The zypp is custom-designed to ride in Indian road terrain.
  • It’s the most convenient short distance commute option.
  • It is has a smart unlocking system that is convenient for riders.
  • Lastly, it was introduced by the top mobility startups in the country.
  • Things to note Before renting a Zypp

  • You must be 18 years and above to rent the zypp
  • You must be ready to follow the traffic rules and also the E-scooter’s safety measures.
  • You must always confirm the run time of an e scooter by checking its battery.
  • Your mobycy account should link to your driver’s license or Aadhaar card.


The zypp e scooter is worthwhile when you start using it. The E-Scooter is easy to use, is affordable, and has many advantages; however, it is convenient when it comes to traveling distances that are too long to walk at the same time too short of using a cab.