September 23, 2023

How do you find No man’s sky exotic ships?

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No man’s sky is an exploration open-world game. It’s a game based on space with more than 18 quintillion planets. To explore the planets you need starships and there are a variety of starships which are classified from C to S. These starships are divided into six types they are Fighter, hauler, shuttle, explorer, living and exotic ships.

Finding an S-class ship is not easy. No man’s sky is not just big it’s a huge game. For a beginner, it is going to be hard to find an S-class let alone exotic. Even a player who is playing for a long time might not know how to find an exotic starship.

Exotic ships are S-class and they are mostly known for their unique features and looks.  As they are S-class they might not have a max inventory than the other class starships but they have high bonuses in DMG, shield, and hyperdrive.

In order to find an exotic starship that is also S-class, you need to go to a wealthy economy system cause they have a high chance of spawning an exotic S-class. Now how to know the economy of a system? Especial Note: getting Atlas passV2 0r 3 will help you to get exotic ship.

Well, this is easy to know all you need is an economy scanner and you can get it in the anomaly. Use the economy scanner to find a 3-star system by 3 stars it means a rich economy. You can also get exotic starships in a lower economy system but the chances are low.

Now, what type of starship do you need? There are different types like Fighter, shuttle, and explorer. These starship’s spawn rate depends on the race dominating the system. For Fighter type starships you need a system dominant by the Vy’keen, for the explorer, it’s the Korvax, and for Shuttle, it’s the Gek. It’s not that you can’t find explorers in a system that is dominated by Vy’keen it’s just the spawning rate is low.

In no man’s sky, every wealthy economy system has 1 exotic starship. So, if you go to a wealthy economy system and do not find your desired exotic starship then go to another wealthy economy system.

Now it’s time for ship hunting. Ship hunting is kind of time-consuming some time it might take a couple of hours some time you find your type in a couple of minutes.

The best place for ship hunting is the space station. So, after entering a 3-star system go straight to the space station and get out of your starship the game will do an autosave there. Now, you can do two things here,

The first one is to wait for other starships to come to the space station and find an exotic starship. The first wave of ships will come in 45 seconds after entering a 3-star system. If you do not get an exotic in the first wave then wait for other ships. As said before you might have to wait for a couple of hours or more before getting an exotic.

And the second way is using the autosave option. When you get out from your starship the game autosaves. So, at first wait for the first wave of starships to come, if you don’t find your desired or any exotic starship just go to the option and reload your autosave data and wait again for the first wave of starships. It’s less time-consuming and the fastest way to hunt exotic ships.

As for our research, we have found that most of the exotic ships are found in the Euclid galaxy. Look wise there are two types of exotic ships one that looks like a squid and the other one is a ball cockpit ship. The ball cockpit one comes in different design so it is divided into three categories.

The ones that have two nose falls in the Royal category and it is commonly seen in Vy’keen system.

The second category is called Guppy and in this category, the starships don’t have any noses. Some no man’s sky player says that it resembles a fish.

The last one is Mosquito, the ones that have one small and simple needle or nose fall in this category.

In this article, we will give you 5 coordinates to get these exotic starships.

  1. Nashimo’s Ruthless Future

2- Hawk of the Ramomae

3- Uonuma’s Future CZ6

4- Gawaj of the Sun

5- Noyamey’s Deadly Regret

Galactic cords-0763:007B:0847:0138

All these starships have 20 general slots and 6 tech slots and cost 12,000,000 units each.

There are more exotic starships than these. These are unique looking and also have the highest slots. So, use these coordinates to hunt down these starships.

You can also go to the no man’s sky wiki to get more coordinates for exotic ships.

Explore the game with exotic ships and try to find what is hidden here and there and share what you have got so that we can see. Till then have a great day.