September 25, 2023

How to hide WhatsApp status view, Last Seen

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WhatsApp is one of the top famous chatting app in India, now everyone are using WhatsApp for the business and communication purpose. WhatsApp allows us send data one person to another person online. Now in these people are using WhatsApp for the different2- purpose like business, corporate, individual and all.

WhatsApp was founded in February 2009 by Brian action. At the initial phase this app was not become more popular, as the whole world became digitized, WhatsApp became more popular. Now WhatsApp covering whole world audience and in India almost 85% people are using this app. Mostly WhatsApp is used for chatting or sending data like photos and documents. Some people also use WhatsApp to set their status to show their activities like photos, entertainment, traveling and more things. But some people like to hide their status for the specific person. So here we will describe in brief how to hide WhatsApp status view in some steps.

See How to Hide WhatsApp Status View:

WhatsApp is open source messenger app but in this some privacy features are available for the users convenient. WhatsApp status view option is serving user privacy for a really long time until he/she unhide this privacy. So follow these steps and learn how to hide WhatsApp status view.

1-        Installed WhatsApp app from google play store

2-        Signup with your registered number

3-        Go to WhatsApp setting

4-        Choose the privacy tab

5-        Uncheck the reason receipt option.

6-        Check your contact’s status

7- Finally turn on the reason receipt option back

After following these steps you are totally eligible to hide status view.

There are some more WhatsApp privacy, you can also see this

How to hide your last seen on WhatsApp:

40% people have hide their last seen in their WhatsApp app and 60% people are using as a normal. 20% Of These People Still Don’t Know How to Hide Last Seen privacy. Here you can find the best method to hide your last seen in WhatsApp.

1-        Go to the setting: If are using android or iOS both have same setting.

2-        Tap on privacy section

3-        Select the last seen tab: in this section you will see by default “Everyone”. Tap on it to see another option like “Hide last seen”.

4-        Tap on Nobody: After tapping on this you’re last seen will hidden.

This is the easiest method to hide your last seen.

About WhatsApp Privacy policy:

Most of the people would know about WhatsApp but they still don’t know some things more about WhatsApp. Here are basic facts about WhatsApp, you need to know very well.

No any Data store by WhatsApp: People always afraid of when they are sending their private data to another person that WhatsApp will disclose data. But it’s simple and clear, WhatsApp never store user data in their data base. User data is also encrypted. WhatsApp does not have any authority to store your any kinds of data.

See here WhatsApp which kinds of data never store:

1-        Private chat

2-        Private phone calls or video calls.

3-        Message or call logs.

4-        Contact information.

5-        Shared location

This is the main privacy of WhatsApp and perhaps never this will change. So you can use WhatsApp without any hesitation.