September 25, 2023

Menopause In Men: Signs And Proper Treatment

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Menopause only occurs in women, either medically or technically. This condition arises because the woman is old enough, and there is a decrease in function. The decline in physical organs in women occurs in the ovaries so that eggs are no longer produced, and there is a significant change in the hormone estrogen.

Signs of Menopause in Men

Conditions similar to menopause also occur in men. The medical term male menopause may not exist. However, some doctors often refer to this condition as andropause. This andropause condition is enough to affect men’s lives as a whole to endure so that the condition is not severe.

Here are some signs of andropause and how to survive it.

Experiencing Stress and Depression

Once entered the andropause phase, men will have low testosterone levels. This decrease in testosterone can occur naturally when a man is 30 years old. Each different age, hormone levels will decrease by about 1 percent. So you can imagine how much a 60 year old man will decrease.

This significant decrease in testosterone causes the body to experience disturbances in its psychological function. Men will often experience acute stress and depression. This condition can make it difficult for a man to have an erection, and other disorders that make anxiety build up quite significantly. Do a consultation or increase communication with your partner.

Decreased Men’s Sleep Quality

Dropping testosterone levels in the body not only causes excessive stress and makes a man feel useless. This condition also causes men to have difficulty sleeping because they feel that there is something wrong with their body. This feeling of restlessness makes men often wake up in the middle of the night feeling sad or guilty.

Women also experience this condition accompanied by a burning sensation throughout their body. This feeling of heat makes it difficult for women to sleep. Men may not experience heat in their bodies, but uncomfortable conditions can interfere with sleep. Some men who experience this condition will often feel dizzy and feel weak. The best way to deal with this condition is regular exercise.

Erection Starts Troubled

Men who experience andropause will find it difficult to have high testosterone levels. Testosterone levels will continue to drop and make it difficult for the body to get an erection. Men will begin to have difficulty having love maximally. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to maintain an erection, sometimes men find it difficult to do.

The quality of this erection will determine your life. The best way to deal with this condition is to maintain health and reduce too much fat in the body. Men who are andropause are usually very susceptible to the accumulation of fat in the area of ​​the lower abdomen. Lowering fat levels can keep blood flow to the penis.

Decreased Physical Desire

Men who enter the andropause phase usually experience a significant decrease in libido. This decrease in libido makes it difficult for men to enjoy love. Maybe men can still get an erection perfectly, but decreased libido makes them reluctant to have love.

Decreased libido is quite difficult to overcome. However, men can get it by eating some libido-enhancing foods. Apart from that, regular exercise and adopting a healthy diet are also quite helpful.

Muscle Will Decrease and Energy Drops

The last sign of andropause is a significant decrease in muscle mass. The body will be dominated by fat. This condition causes men to experience weakness and difficulty lifting heavy objects. Men who usually work heavy lifting tasks will find it difficult to do it again.

Managing Menopause in Men

Medically, menopause disorders in men do not exist. Therefore, men must do something to be able to move properly.

Doing exercise regularly every day. Problems with muscles and energy will be overcome by doing sports such as lifting weights. You can prevent muscle mass from decreasing, and the energy level of the body will not decrease as well.

Eating a diet that is healthy and can increase testosterone. Once you start experiencing some of the signs above, men are no longer allowed to eat carelessly. If you eat carelessly, your testosterone levels will be very difficult to increase.

Maintain normal body weight and stay away from obesity. If the body becomes obese, the testosterone disturbance will be even greater. In addition, you will also find Vilitra and Fildena Super Active to maintain physical arousal and erection. Maintain a good weight and do not be bored to diet.

Men whose hormones are disrupted are generally prone to stress and depression. You should have time for leisure or just meditation.

As much as possible not to stay up every night. So sleepy you have to go to sleep. If you can’t do it, the hormones in your body will be even more disturbed.

Stay away from activities that cause problems with erection and physical arousal. If you smoke and consume alcohol, it’s good to avoid it from now on.

Thus the discussion about menopause in men. Hopefully, the above reviews are helpful for all of you. Let’s start taking care of the body from the start to always fit in old age.