September 25, 2023

Prep up well for your D-day

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The obvious makeup hacks that you will call common sense in day to day are often lost upon brides while getting ready for the big day. They could be excellent with their wands in daily life but may mess up the big look in anxiety to look their best.

However, mere caking up of products wouldn’t help you. And it is not even asked you to go to a beauty academy, but yes there are few basics that are good to go with.  So here are a few simple tricks which may look shallow but go a long way.

Be mindful of the climate

Indian bridal apparel is synonymous with heavy and dramatic makeup. It looks lovely on the Indian beauties but achieving that requires putting on several layers of products. This can get too much in hot and humid weather, or even in winters, it can be too much under flood lights and weight of your wedding dress, advices best salons in Delhi. So make sure you choose each and every product keeping in mind the texture of your skin in that particular weather.

Look through the lens

Put on a little more makeup than you would naturally prefer. Remember, the flash lights and the camera will blow out the colour from your face, so tune up the makeup to get it right. After all your pictures will be the keepsake of your wedding day. It’s always good to start light then take pictures in between to see if you need more. Apart from everything else, do not think that the eating habits would compensate with makeup, no matter what you eat will automatically get reflected on your skin, so better that you keep it in check, says a course in nutrition expert.

Prime of the Primer

Before you apply makeup or moisturize or even wash your face get hold of a primer that works for you. It is the intermediate but the most crucial step in the whole thing. It will make your makeup glide-on smoothly while giving it a base to hold on to for hours at stretch.