September 25, 2023

SD WAN Certification – The Introduction and History behind its Evolution

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The invention of SD-WAN was not any time before Networking Solutions and it basically evolved from the Networking Solutions like (PPP) point-to-point and MPLS. MPLS brought many improvements as it introduced a number of different functions like video, voice, and Data Networking on the exact similar Networking by using IP (Internet Protocol) based technology.

MPLS gained a lot of popularity in the 2000s because of the idea that it brought different functions such as data networking, voice, and video on a similar network by using Internet Protocol-based technology.

MPLS is one such technology that is still used commonly for WANs enterprise even today. It is the most reliable technology when it comes to the benefits and quality of service.

When did SD-WAN gain popularity and come into use?   

Now, we’ll tell you the main thing which is about the evolution of SD-WAN. It specifically came into acknowledgement in 2013 and there was an examination or a test done for that matter to know the benefits of SD-WAN when certain technologists came to know that there are many advantages and benefits of SD-WAN that are a lot similar to those of MPLS.

The only difference between the both of them is that SD-WAN tends to be a bit cheaper and easier to scale than MPLS.

Things that you’ll be able to possess after the SD-WAN Certification Course.

Learning Ladder:

  • You’ll learn about the overlay network of SD-WAN and how the modes of operation differ from each other. For example, WAN vs SD-WAN.
  • The SD WAN Certification Course will give you an overview of the deployment options for SD-WAN along with how to deploy Virtual V-edge and physical C-edge.
  • You’ll receive expertise in practicing WAN Routing Protocols as well as how to configure and implement transport-side connectivity, service-side routing, redundancy, interoperability, and high availability.
  • The course will teach you about the specific ways through which you can migrate to Cisco SD-WAN from WAN even in the most difficult scenarios that occurred for Data Center and its branches.
  • The SD WAN training Course will make you learn how to perform SD-WAN Day 2 Operations like reporting, monitoring, upgrading, and logging.

An Overview about the SD-WAN Ecosystem: The Learning Ladder.   

Before we start writing about anything else, let’s start by giving you an overview of what SD-WAN actually is;   

The most widely known definition, SD-WAN usually stands for Software-Defined Wide- Area Network.  It is an application especially derived from SDN that constantly and in a different manner, routes traffic through several branches, clouds, and data centres so that it catches the maximum amount of WAN Coverage.

SD-WAN is one such entity that looks after all the problems and issues so that it can lower the costs of the bandwidths that are rising, the absence of visibility and Network Control, and a lot of other things.

SD-WAN: An Entity that directs traffic in a secure and intelligent manner.

With the increased adoption of cloud, virtualization, remote access, increasing demand from enterprises to secure their Network, SDWAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) is one such entity that uses a compact method to control functions to direct traffic in a secure and intelligent manner.

There was a time when fixed circuits were needed in order to connect traditional WAN. But, due to some reason, SD-WAN is positioned as a Software-based solution or a combination of hardware and software

How can SD-WAN Online Training get your hands on these perks?   

The most important thing before learning any course is that we are fully aware of the benefits that they are providing to us because we learn anything for our growth and betterment. So, given below are some perks of learning SD-WAN:

  • Learning the SD-WAN Certification course will make you capable of getting a handsome salary.   
  • You’ll get many career growth opportunities with SD-WAN certification credentials that are widely acknowledged.   
  • Learning SD-Wan helps the enterprises to completely realize cloud benefits   

Cisco SD-WAN Online Training Course will enable you to learn the following skills:

SD-WAN has been able to very soon become a necessary part of all the IT Strategies due to the high demand of the adoption of Cloud due to driving digital transformation in the Enterprise.   

If you learn this course then you’ll be able to corner an ample number of benefits for yourself:   

  • Learning this course will teach you how to deploy SD-WAN.   
  • It will help you in identifying the different devices and architecture of the Cisco SD-WAN Solution.   
  • You will learn how to install v-edge Routers in a secure extensible network.   
  • You’ll become aware of the ways to create templates to aid in the deployment.   
  • You’ll learn how to install and verify overlay routing in the secure Extensible Network.   
  • Learning this course will make you learn how to create simple control traffic flow policies in a secure extensible network.   
  • You’ll be able to define local BGP, OSPF route control.   
  • You’ll learn to explain application-aware routing.   
  • This course will describe VPN Segmentation to you.  

Why is Cisco SD-WAN so important and convenient?  

There are a lot of reasons why Cisco SD-WAN is important and efficient. One such importance of this technology is that it helps the organizations to connect a user to any kind of application with the method of integration capabilities for security, application optimization, multi- cloud and unified communications.  

There are a lot of organizations that are switching to SD-WAN from many other technologies as they find it convenient and beneficial to use.  

Below is the list of important technology differentiators that it provides:  

●     Multi cloud access  

●     Goes beyond traditional SD-WAN  

●     Integrated security  

●     Integrated unified communications  

●     Enhanced network visibility with Cisco Thousand Eyes and v Analytics  

●     Multigigabit capability  

●     Robust and diversified platform  

Who all are the top selling vendors of SD-WAN?  

A large number of enterprises and organizations as well as branch routers are pitching in the favour of SD-WAN that it becomes cloud ready and also improves the overall customer experience.

There are many popular selling vendors and few of them topping the list are:  

  • Cisco  
  • VMWare  
  • Versa  
  • HPE  
  • Fortinet  
  • Palo Alto Networks.  
  • Juniper Networks.