September 23, 2023

Smart Building Technology: The Best Software for Facility Professionals

Smart Building Technology
Technology for smart buildings powered by AI can be integrated with any best facility management software and provide building information to support any asset management or building Management system. All building management software users eventually need access to building specifications and drawings.
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Do you need software for facility professionals to manage your building maintenance? 

It’s a good thing you’re here. Could your facility management software benefit from a Smart Building Technology Solution?

Having access to building maintenance data on your mobile device within seconds would be a huge convenience! Won’t it? 

So, what does this Smart Building Technology do?

Why is it so popular with facility management professionals? Let this blog give you the answers!

Smart Building Technology: Simple & Futuristic Software for Facility Professionals


Technology for smart buildings powered by AI can be integrated with any best facility management software and provide building information to support any asset management or building Management system. All building management software users eventually need access to building specifications and drawings.

It’s precisely for this reason that building owners continue to maintain plan rooms with paper documents. But that’s what operation managers did 100 years ago. Presently, with the number of existing buildings and new skyscrapers cropping up, no one frankly has the time to sit in plan rooms and collect the required documents to manage buildings.

For example,

Imagine this situation,

During the night, someone reports a leaky pipe. It takes 35 minutes to reach the nearest plumber. He rushes to the plan room as soon as he gets in to locate the relevant drawings. He is still searching for the information 48 minutes later, either swiping the drawings or the file folders. Does he deserve to be blamed?

While this was happening, a small leak at 1 am turned into a fountain spraying gallons of water into the basement, damaging thousands of dollars each minute. Can you imagine what would happen if it was an electrical fire? When left unattended, small incidents like a broken pipe or an electrical fire often become catastrophic. In short, along with money, the life and assets of the facility are compromised as well. 

In such circumstances, can you find the information you need instantly if you do not have instant access? Well, you might already have the best facility management software at your disposal, but what if the manager is not in the office?

In that situation, a basic facility worker can’t even operate the CMMS or other software to get the needed data. 

In short, without access to instant facility data, your ROI can witness a sharp decline. Therefore, the best-laid plan is to equip your existing software with a smart building technology that will get you instant access to all facility data on the go and quickly.

Why Is Smart Building Technology the Best Software for Facility Professionals?

Facility management companies have developed new-aged software for facility professionals by combining Artificial Intelligence with machine learning and contextual search. This software is mobile-friendly and captures data stored in the cloud within seconds.

This data is then available on mobile devices instantly and provides countless perks to facility managers and professionals. With the use of this smart building technology, any facility professional can access paper data initially stored in the cloud and share it directly with concerned teams and managers.

This helps boost daily facility productivity, reduces hidden costs, minimizes the chance of errors, and helps in completing work orders effortlessly.

Let’s understand more with an example,

Suppose in the heat a few facility professionals are working in the field. One of them notices a live wire sending sparks. He contacts a technician who rushes after 30 mins. The technician asks for the socket data and maintenance schedule, which is trapped in the plan room.

However, the more time it takes to retrieve data, the more toxic smoke starts covering the facility and employees feel congested. 

In such circumstances, chaos and complaints follow through, work orders are delayed and productivity falls. However, if the building manager equipped every team with software for facility professionals, aka the smart building technology, technicians can easily work fast and solve the problem on the go with instant access to building information.

So, it’s no doubt that the facility management mobile app is a blessing for facility professionals. This app has tons of benefits.

Take a Look:

  1. Instant access to all building data on the go
  2. Portable and ideal for facility field workers
  3. Information in real-time
  4. Simple, and easy-to-use interface
  5. Entire plan room data available in a categorized manner
  6. Compatible with the best facility management software
  7. Web, mobile, and tablet friendly
  8. Secure and robust
  9. Accesses data anytime, anywhere

Features of Smart Building Technology App

The smart software for facility professionals provides instant access to building information via modules. From emergency to compliance, building plans, equipment maintenance, legacy and compliance data, etc., are available in real-time.

For example, if your facility catches fire, then software for facility professionals will allow you to access existing emergency plans and find safety routes or refuge rooms on the go. You can also use emergency plans to extract data and print it in your facility.

This way, new workers will not go to chemically compromised areas and put themselves at risk. In case of compliance, you can get data instantly if an auditor pays a sudden visit. 

Apart from this, any facility professional can complete work orders smoothly by harnessing facility data in real-time and accessing any information they want with a few swipes. It’s a time-saving, convenient, and futuristic tool that’s available on a device you carry 24/7.


In conclusion, it is evident that the smart building management software for facility professionals is the best tool to equip with your existing FM software. Use this new-age productivity tool for your present and new buildings and watch your facility maintenance grow smoothly. For accessing this smart building technology app, contact the best facility software companies in your city now.