September 25, 2023

The 3 Best Corporate Gifts For this New Financial Year

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The New  Financial  Year’s excitement is all here! The time to celebrate the gains of 2021 and develop a strategy for 2022. The celebration of the New  Financial  Year is going to start with new hopes, new dreams, new expectations, new goals, new beginnings, and new learnings. It’s all about embracing everything brand new in life. Isn’t it?

It’s that time of the year for you to map out your gifting strategies. The financial year closure is that time of the year when corporate organizations reward their employees and business partners. Adding value to their professionals’ relationship they display their gratitude with a customized corporate gift

Since this day embarks the new beginning in every professional’s life, rewarding your employees for their year-long dedication and hard work. Wishing them a prosperous new beginning, and good luck for the forthcoming year will make a strong brand association bond among the employees. Many organizations have marched out in the rivalry of finding the best corporate gifts. Since there is no written definition or process of doing it, Titan Corporate Gifting is here to give you some tips and the 3 best corporate gifts for New year’s eve. 

So, if you are stuck in the circle of giving thoughtful gifts to make your associates’ new financial year more special then this blog is all you need to catch a glimpse of!

The note to always remember is corporate giftings are unspoken thank you or expressions of gratitude for your fellow professionals. Therefore, adding a personal touch to your gifting is necessary. You can either add your company’s logo or name to the products. The next question might be where will you find those customized products? The answer is at Titan. We offer high-quality customization on the product of your choice. Titan is known for its quality over decades now! And we abide by that. 

Now, let’s hop over to the best corporate gifts.

Watches: Watches are the first choice when it comes to New Year’s gifting in India. Watches represent time and we all know how valuable time is! Gifting exclusive customized watches from the house of Titan to your workforce will give them the impression that you’re gratifying their tireless efforts. 

Gift Cards and Electronic Gift Vouchers: Appreciating people by giving them the power to choose their gifts themselves is a million-dollar thing to do! We have a wide range of gift cards. Right from gold & silver, watches, clothes, and eyewear we have a lot in the queue. You can customize any gift card of your choice your way. The beauty of these gift cards is that they are redeemable at any Titan store across India.   

Mementos: Mementos are the token of gratitude, appreciation, and achievement. Titan has a diversified range of Memento. You can choose any memento according to the occasion and customize it your way. For instance: on the occasion of Diwali Tanishq came up with a customized gold Diya.