September 25, 2023

These Important Points Are Crucial To Keep in Mind Before Getting MRI Scan

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If you are reading this, it is safe to bet that you or someone you know is getting an MRI scan done soon. Before anything else, it is important to find what it means. The MRI machine is known to use a computer, radio waves followed by a magnet to generate detailed hi-resolution photos of the insides of the body. If you have been asked to take an MRI scan, then you would be required to lay on a mobile bed that is pushed inside the MRI scanner, The MRI machine resembles a tube structure and is encircled by a round magnet. No radiation exposure is involved in an MRI scan, given the fact that the machine operates on magnetic fields.

Now that you know what exactly is MRI scan, here are some points to keep in mind before going for an MRI scan.

Key Factors to Bear in Mind When Getting an MRI Scan

Always opt for the Modern 3T MRI Scanner

 A bad-quality MRI scanner falters in capturing important details. However, a 3T MRI scanner can do this job accurately. This involves lesions/tumours which can lead to life risks. It is always wise to ask for the 3T MRI machine. The MRI scan cost in a 3T MRI machine might not be too much but can bring a dramatic impact on you.

Avoid Going Near the MRI Magnet with Any Kind of Metal

Carrying any type of metal into the MRI scan room can prove fatal and have severe consequences. Ensure to get rid of all the metal items, mobile phones, and or jewellery that you might be wearing. Always allow a radiologist or technician to accompany you to the scan room, to check if you are safe enough to enter the room. Let the diagnostic centre know in advance if you have a pacemaker installed, an implant, or even a brain aneurysm clip. The magnet present in the MRI machine might interfere with these devices.

Claustrophobia Should Come In Between You and The MRI Scan

 A lot of people suffering from claustrophobia don’t wish to get an MRI scan done, as they find it quite suffocating. If you happen to be one of them, fear not and brave through the scan room. Presently, technology has advanced enough to turn the MRI scan into a comfortable experience. The 3T MRI scan, for example, lets the patient enjoy movies during the scanning process, and makes way for an illusion of sufficient light and space.

Thanks to this feature, more than 90% of claustrophobic patients no longer have to be sedated before an MRI scan. In case you are still feeling the jitters, you can always seek sedation.

For Sedation, Ensure There’s an Anaesthetist Present in The Room

Make sure to have a word with the diagnostic centre in advance and check if an anaesthetist is present during the MRI scan. This holds prime importance if the patient undergoing the scan is a minor.

The scanning technology might be excellent, but if the radiologist who interprets the report turns out to be an inexperienced one, you might land up making an incorrect decision. Before you choose a diagnostic for your MRI scan, go through their panel of radiologists and doctors.