September 25, 2023

Tips To Use Google Maps Features For Businesses

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If you are thinking Google Maps is just a virtual map used for finding locations nearby you then you are certainly wrong. Google My Business has a vast potential more than you think. It has many incredible features to boost your local search experience for your business. If you want to boost the sales of your local business hire the best digital marketing company in Delhi.

Google My Business has become recently popular for local businesses after the discovery of the explore tab in Google Maps. You can search about various new businesses, their ratings, reviews, images, or timings without making any calls. Google Maps creates a huge possibility of new customers to local businesses than before. The new feature known as Explore tab is the new area of discovery.


In this article we are providing you effective tips that you can use to feature your local business through Google My Business & increase brand awareness:

Publish Posts In Community Feed

Community Feed is the most popular feature in Google maps. You can visit the explore tab to find the latest update like reviews, ratings, images & timings about any business. If you are in the food, health, beauty & shopping industry then the community feed option is a great option for you to attract more customers. Keep Google map posting regularly or keep updating it with new information. The more you post the more customers will visit your business.

Answers The Queries Of Customers

Business owners can use the question and answers section present in their Google maps profile. They can answer the queries of their customers to show your presence as a verified business. Find out the submissions done by your customers today.

In case you are a new business or do not have questions from your visitors then you can ask questions from other email ids or answer them with your business profile to look as populated or most visited business in the area.

Find Easy Routes For Your Customer To Your Business

Customers always look for an easy or accessible way to visit different businesses. Try to mention the different routes to your business in Google maps. It helps your customers to find easy access to your business. You can assist your customers in finding easy routes to your business when they are not able to find an immediate accessible path.

Keep Performance Insights Through Google Maps

Google is used to track how well your business is performing through performance insights. You can keep regular track of the insights of your brand. These insights help you in finding how well your customers can engage with your business profile via searching through Google maps or listings.

Find the search terms through which people are finding you in the maps or Google searches or are your business visible on desktop or mobile. The best digital marketing company in Delhi can boost your customer engagement by updating your business profile regularly.

Help Customers Or Messages Them Through Google Maps

Google my business makes intercommunication between the customer and brand easy with a message feature. Customers can start communication by clicking on the message option available under each post of the business profile. Business owners can reply or respond to their customers directly by using the Google Maps app. The message will be shown under the message section of your profile.

Build Authority By Becoming Local Guide

Becoming a Local Guide can build the authority of your business. Google depends upon local guides for helping Google my business community to find information about different businesses. Local guides are used to give feedback, ratings, reviews, or suggestions regarding the queries of customers on Google maps. They are rewarded by Google for their honest opinions. Business Profiles cannot sign up for local guide programs but business owners can contribute to the Google maps community which ultimately converts them into verified profiles.

Regular Update Google My Business Posts


Google my business posts or timeline is similar to social media posts or profiles. You can regularly post on your Google my business profile to keep your customers updated regarding various updates or offers. People keep a watch on these posts while viewing your business profile. Open your business profile & tap on the option Promote to create a post. While creating posts, add various elements like images, offers, video, text, or events. Preview the whole post & click publish.



Maintaining your Google my business profile can feature your business all-around your location by increasing its credibility. A Google map is the free highlight provided by Google