June 1, 2023

Top-Rated Short Films & Web Series to Add to Your Watchlist This Summer

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No better way to spend a summer afternoon than by watching a few short films and web series. It is time to upgrade your watchlist by adding these web series to it. Take a break from the busyness of life and enjoy watching these short films and web series along with a cup of coffee. 

Download the OTT app, Watcho, to watch the best Indian web seriesWhen you download this app, you can enjoy watching original web series. You can also do a Dish TV d2h recharge via the Watcho app. Here are the best Indian web series and short films to watch during this summer: 

Love Crisis

Watch this romantic web series that features a couple, Nina and Armaan. When Nimisha, a bar entertainer, tries to entice Armaan, Nina gets to know about it. Nina gets provoked to take revenge on Armaan for breaking his trust. Download the Watcho app to watch the best Indian web series, free live TV channels, and short films. This web series is listed in IMDB and you can watch the episodes on the Watcho app.

Papa Ka Scooter

When Bunty’s father sells his old scooter, Dulhar Chacha, he wants to help his son with the tuition. As Bunty remembers his father’s love and kindness, he promises to get his father a new scooter on his birthday. He saves us money and buys a new scooter as a birthday gift for his father. This web series is listed in IMDB, and you can leave a review online. For an online Dish TV d2h rechargecheck out the in-app recharge feature on Watcho app.

Plus Minus

This short film showcases the age-old issue of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict. A newly married woman is about to leave her home due to a conflict with her mother-in-law. When she encounters an Indian Army Soldier teaches, she gets to learn about love and starts to live life from a new perspective. 

Period: End of Sentence

You will love watching this Oscar-winning short film this summer. Directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, this short film showcases the taboo issue of menstruation in rural India. A lot of women are still stigmatized and often shamed on the issue of menstruation. Watch a real-life hero showcase the story of bravery and courage in this short film. 

Ambani The Investor

As one of the award-winning short films, Ambani The Investor showcases that anyone can earn, save, and invest money. A poor boy sees a lucrative business idea by selling his father’s liquor bottles and starts earning profit. This hard-working young boy uses entrepreneurial skills to expand and grow his business. 


Watch the story of people affected with AIDS in this short film directed by Farhan Akhtar. Boman Irani plays the role of the father, Shabana Azmi as the mother, and Arjun Mathur as the son. Watch the short film, Positive, which tries to raise awareness for those living with AIDS positive. 

Little Terrorist

This story showcases a 10-year old Jamal from Pakistan who ends up crossing the Indian border while trying to catch a cricket ball. He ends up hiding in an Indian village where a family takes care of him. This movie is directed by Ashvin Kumar and nominated for Academy Awards. 

Cities of Sleep

Watch the story of homeless people looking for shelter for the night. Watch as two homeless people, Shakeel and Ranjeet, try to find a safe place to sleep for the night. They consider it a blessing when they find a place under the bridges, subways, and street corners. 


This short film showcases an interesting investigation of a missing person. You will get a glimpse of child trafficking and other abduction crimes. While interrogating Arjun, the police talk to the wife of the artist, and then they change everything!

Interior Café Night 

You will enjoy watching the two couples from the two eras have interesting conversations with each other as they sit and chat at the cafe. While the elderly couple talks about values and relationships, the young couple talks about modern relationship issues. 

4 Thieves:

When three friends, Puneet, Rushkie, and Bunty, meet after three years, they want to talk. They discuss the events that occurred that night of Vicky’s death. They scrutinize the events that took place on the unfortunate night of Vicky’s death. As they share their version of their stories, they try to figure out who did it. This web series is listed on IMDB, and you can leave a rating there. 


Watch how a young boy gets involved in crime when he is trying to save his friend. As Babu Bhaiya gets attacked while serving a jail sentence, he starts being cautious. After his family gets attacked in retaliation, he meets with Jaunpur Bahubali Girdhar Singh. This web series is listed in IMDB, and you can watch it on the Watcho app.