September 22, 2021

USA To India Travel Diaries: What To Pack

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During every international vacation, one needs to keep track of several things. It might be the traveling rules or the document verifications; every step is essential. It can determine whether your trip will go on smoothly or not. Also, it is crucial to carry and pack all necessary things. You might not get your medicines or your face wash in a foreign land. You must keep these things in mind. It will help you have a smooth and fun trip. Also, you can skip the worry and explore the new land.

Traveling should be an adventure, not a headache. It shouldn’t worry you constantly. There would indeed be some trouble about the several things to do, but it is part of the process. When you are visiting a vast and diverse land like India, it should triple your excitement. You will experience thousands of new things. It will help you explore a totally new way of life too. But, just like every other international vacation, you need to prepare first. Packing all the necessary things and documents is crucial. If you miss out on nay, it can lead to much trouble. You need to check everything before boarding Non stop flights from USA to India. It will allow you to keep everything in check and get on the flight tension-free. Also, keeping your documents in check will enable you to quickly get past the security and other lines. You can get on the plane and begin your vacation right there.

Here are the crucial items you need to pack for the USA to India trip:

Your official documents

Every international trip requires you to carry the essential documents. Your passport and VISA are the two most crucial ones. You need to update and keep them in check with the guidelines of the destination. Also, ensure that you are following the rules and update your documents according to your location. It will help get past the security easily and not get stuck in lines.

You should keep the original documents and copies with you. Keep them in a safe place where they cannot face any damage. Also, the place should be accessible. Your handbag or backpack should be ideal. Ensure that they are up to date and following all the rules. Hand them to the authorities when requested to enter the airport quickly.

The clothes

India has changing and extreme weather. The summers are harsh, and the winters are very chilly. You need to keep the weather in mind to decide the kind of clothes. It will help you pack the luggage easily and carry all the essential items.

  • If you are traveling in the summers, keep cool and breezy clothes. The fabrics should be breathable. Don’t choose anything too tight. It will fill you up with sweat. Also, keep in mind the customs of India. You might attract some attention with too short clothes. If you wish to skip that, opt for normal ones. It is your choice to wear what you want at the end.
  • During the winters, don’t forget to carry jackets and sweaters. It will help you keep warm and explore easily. You can also buy them from India if your luggage is over the limit. You can find several clothing options at affordable rates here.

Your medicine doses

If you regularly eat a medicine, keep a stock of it with you. Although every kind of medicine is available here, you shouldn’t take chances. If you go to a remote hill station, you might not find it. It is better to keep it with you. However, if you know a person here, you can ask them to ensure if the medicine is available locally. You can then skip the need to buy it all at once. Also, it might not be easy to get them in a large amount.

Ensure that those medicines are available locally. If they are, you may avoid carrying a stock.

Your electronics

You should carry your mobile and camera with you. It will help click those fascinating pictures and create memories. Also, you should carry your laptop if you wish to work from here. Keep them in a separate bag and handle them carefully. Carry all the chargers with you as well. It will allow you to use them easily.

Also, keep other things such as a power bank or extra batteries. It will help you travel easily and click those excellent pictures on the way.


You don’t need to carry several pairs of footwear. Just a pair of sneakers are ample here. Apart from that, keep 2-3 pairs of flip-flops with you. Especially during the summer, you’ll only prefer flip slops. The heat is harsh, and they are suitable during that weather. Heels have no use if you don’t plan to go to the nightclubs. It will only increase the luggage weight.

Also, you can buy a lot of cheap footwear here too. It will be more affordable than giving an extra fee for luggage at the airport. Opt for only three footwear pieces and ensure that they are comfortable for you.

Hygiene products

You should carry your own soap and shampoo if you prefer a type. Also, keep sanitizers with you. It will help disinfect the surfaces and your hands whenever you eat. Keep towels with you too. You need to carry all the hygiene items you use every day. It won’t be easy to get international brand products in India. It is thus better to estimate your needs and carry them with you.

It will help you avoid using anything that doesn’t suit your body. It may lead to rashes or other allergies sometimes. It is the last thing you would want on a trip. Keep all the items you use daily, such as makeup products, your towels, brushes, etc. too. You can get ready quickly without having to experiment with new products.

Pack your luggage by making a checklist of all these things. Make your booking for everything after that and enjoy your trip to India. Ensure that you see everything and explore the beauty before going back on your Direct flights from Delhi to USA. Start packing and go explore!