September 23, 2023

What Are Different Types Of T-Shirt Printing Techniques

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Before start designing a custom t-shirt, it is very much important to choose the right printing technique. Heat press and screen printing are the two most popular printing methods. Due to growing technology, printing techniques are also evolving.

The advent of the latest technology has led to the introduction of the digital printing method. Whether you are designing custom t-shirts for selling purposes or for improving your closet, you should consider the right printing technique. Here, in this article, we have described various printing techniques that you can use for creating custom t-shirts:

1. Screen Printing

It is one of the most widely used printing techniques. You need a stencil made up of nylon mesh for creating a design in the screen printing technique. The waterproofing material used in the nylon mesh will block the negative space and prevent it from water.

The negative space will only let the dye enter inside the screen. This type of printing technique is good for designing top-notch quality designs of top-notch quality custom t-shirts. The screen printing technique will give you a guarantee of ultimate replication.

This printing method will give a unique, impressive, and cute look to your t-shirts. This printing technique is very much beneficial if you are using it for the production of a huge volume of custom t-shirts.

There is one disadvantage of the screen printing technique that the cost of production starts going high with the increase in the number of colors. The screen printing Vancouver contractors can help you to create beautiful designs on your t-shirts.

2. Direct To Garments (DTG)

Just like the screen printing technique, the method of printing is also popular among hobbyists. It is easy to create custom t-shirts with the help of the direct to garment printing technique, but it requires deep knowledge. If you want to create custom t-shirts with dye sublimation printing techniques, then you need to take the help of professionals.

This printing technique works as paper printers do. There is only one difference between the two and this is the paper printer makes print on paper and the DTG printer creates prints on the fabric.

If you want to print the design with the help of the DTG printing technique, then you need to upload the design on the computer. If you want to create a super complex design, then this printing technique is the best option that you have. But you have to upload a top-notch quality design on the computer so that it does not end up with the dotted pattern.

3. Dye Sublimation

This type of printing technique works well on the light fabric. It may cost you too much to create your custom t-shirts. But you will get value for your money. If you want to implement this printing technique, then it is very much important to have deep knowledge of this printing method.

The printing method is good for creating designs on polyester. This method of printing is not recommended for cotton fabric clothes. To implement the dye-sublimation printing method, you need a special type of ink.

The dye-sublimation ink is in solid form and it directly covert into gaseous form when heat is applied to it. This gaseous ink will trap inside the fabric of your apparel and convert into a solid state when it cools down. You should take the help of professionals like dye sublimation Vancouver contractors to create attractive custom t-shirts. 

4. Heat Press Printing

If you have a small order for creating a custom t-shirt, then we recommend you choose the heat press printing technique because it is efficient and economical as well. This printing technique will save your time and resources as well.

In this technique, you have to create the design on a special type of paper known as transfer paper. The printing method is quite similar to the dye-sublimation printing technique with only slight differences. The custom t-shirts created with the heat press printing technique are quite durable and attractive as well.

5. Vinyl Cutting

In this printing method, a special type of cloth is used. This special cloth is cut into different shapes and designs. After that, these special designs are placed on the t-shirt over which you want to create the design. After that, you have to apply the heat press.

This printing method can be used to create one or too many custom t-shirts. This printing technique is the best alternative for creating a huge volume of custom t-shirt. With the help of the vinyl cutting machine, you can use different layers to print the design with different colors.

This kind of printing technique is widely popular for designing sportswear, small-size graphics, and printing slogans on t-shirts. But there is one disadvantage that you can mostly print letter types design with this printing technique. The print designs created by vinyl cutting are durable.