September 25, 2023

Why are men more vulnerable to depression than women?

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It is a proven fact through researches across the globe that men have much higher chances of landing into the depression than women. What is the basis of this proven fact? Are men incapable of handling stress? To all this question we shall get the answers later in the article and for that one needs to read it from top to bottom.

To understand the problem of depleting mental health among men we need to go back into history a little. This problem of depression and other such psychological disorders has its roots back in time since the time of ape-man.

What a bizarre statement!!!!!

To clear this confusion let’s go in our history all back to the old stone times when the world was newly inhabited by humans.

The history behind men getting more stressed?

From such old times, men were the dominating gender always. It was a woman’s job to look after the family, take care of children, cook food, and household works. On the other hand, men were supposed to perform outside work, earn living for the family, and fulfill the needs of wife and children.

Even in the times of early man, we have read that men were the head of the tribe or the community that traveled together. And women followed men taking care of children and pet animals etc. So, men have a habit of dominating the female gender, children in every decision they make.

As we become homo sapiens and slowly education took place and now, we have a society where the female is in prestigious positions. Some men are not able to digest this fact and feel disrespectful to work under a female boss. This mindset of hierarchy is the biggest reason for stress in men. We had heard from our parents that men don’t cry, study because they have to earn and run the family.

So, from childhood, such thinking is embedded in minds which pile up the stress levels, and year after year it goes on increasing. Due to the pressure of society to not express emotions a day comes when the stress level is all filled. Finally, the time comes when the person cannot handle any more stress. To release stress such men, tend to become abusive, violent with family, ruining the life of himself and also of his family.

How the health of men is affected due to depression

Depression is the state when the mental condition is disturbed. The person feels guilty of everything, blames himself for every misfortune occurring to them. Their attitude becomes pessimistic and everything in the world seems negative for them.

During that time the personal life of men and people around them become terrible, in short words hell. A depressed person is incapable of even making people love with his partner. He has to use pills like Fildena 100mg, Buy Cenforce, and Vidalista 20 tablet from Arrowmedsto satisfy her partner, so one can understand how worse the situation becomes.

In many cases, such couples go for divorces, or the female indulges in an extramarital affair. This can be a matter of debate whether such actions are moral or immoral. But one needs to understand when people get married, they have certain expectations from their partner. A newlywed woman is young, beautiful, attractive who needs a partner that can satisfy her till orgasm. But in return, if she gets a depressed man who is occupied in himself only then her hormones force her to look for other options for satisfaction.

Depressed cut off from social circles, living all by themselves and in such situations, results could be even worse. Leaving such men alone is not a good option as a depressed is full of suicidal thoughts every time.

Men’s habit of not adapting to changes

This point does not require any research to prove the fact as it is already known and observed for many women and especially housewives. A marketing agency found in a survey that to a new product or technology a greater number of women are interested in trying it and then adapting it than men.

Men consider these things as time waste and this is the reason behind their poor condition of mental health. Women on the other hand are more risk-takers than average men. They are the first adopters of the theory of innovation. This means when a company launches a new product it presents it to a large number of women through door-to-door advertising as they are more likely to use it than men.

Capacity to handle stress

This is the area where again men are easily defeated by women. Men have low control over their composure and emotions. They easily get angry and leave the task assigned to them if the task involves many delicacies.

For example, in tea states when the time comes to pluck the tea leaves, the task is given to women. This is because plucking doesn’t mean plucking the entire branch but few leaves have to pluck leaving the buds and that too with hands.

If the same task is given to men, they would surely get irritated easily and throw the basket away. The owners of tea plantations who are generally men are very much aware of this fact and so women are employed.

Leave the masculinity aside for sometime

If the men are determined to change their majority in depression numbers, they should first remove this mindset that men don’t cry.

If you are feeling a certain emotion, express it, no need to hide it. Once this is solved all other problems will get resolved naturally.